Tiffany Michael Photography

Born and raised in Morganton, NC, I travel between Asheville and Charlotte regularly and go to Charleston, SC and San Juan, PR at least once a year. I’m willing to travel anywhere since I enjoy new adventures and making friends!


I have been doing photography for 5 years. I have a B.Sc. in Communication and Advertising from Appalachian State University.

Feeling & taste

Taking a good picture is not about having a fancy camera. I want to capture your emotions and beauty. I want to give you a work of art that you will want to show the world!


I’m a nerd at heart! I love Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, History, and Metal. While I love most genres of music, metal is my favorite! I especially like folk metal and symphonic metal. For example, Eluveitie (in the photo) plays traditional instruments (pipes, flutes, hurdy-gurdy, violin, etc.), and most of their songs are about Celtic history. So now that you’ve learned some fun information about me, feel free to send me a message and tell me about yourself!